Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Your privacy is the top priority of our organization and we really value it. We do not sell or forward or rent your personal information what you share with aplomb and its related concerns to any third party for any purposes like marketing, selling or research etc. without your explicit consent.

This statement of privacy is applicable to our services available under the domain name, and and any other connected sub-domain names and applies generally to subsidiaries of Aplomb. Your use of Aplomb website signifies your acceptance of the Aplomb Privacy Statement. We at We teach® (Aplomb Group) strives to comply with applicable laws that are designed to protect your privacy.

Aplomb Work on its principals and ethics to Protect Privacy

In order to protect your privacy, Aplomb has adopted the two major Principles:

(a) : We secure your personal data like Residence proof like Adhar card or other govt. documents containing your personal information , Academic Credentials, Date of Birth proof, Photographs and other important information etWherever your Personal Information may be held within Aplomb, the company intends to take reasonable steps to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. Aplomb is committed to protecting the security of your personal information at any cost.

(b) Access/Accuracy : To the extent that you do provide Aplomb with Personal Information, Aplomb wishes to maintain accurate Personal Information.

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